What is XVI or AXVI?

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XVI is new (Sep 2017), you can consider it AHD+ as a newer protocol with high quality image reproduction. XM cereated AHD which quickly challenged SDI, TVI, CVI and CVBS, the popularity of AHD appears to outsell* them all.
*We should never forget Beta was far superior to VHS but Beta totally failed.

The introduction of AHD was a major Digital Disruption to the CCTV industry, so much so it very quickly forced SMPTE, Hikvision and Dahua to all quickly release their proprietory grips, they now allow sharing access to their technologies; the original SDI (Serial Digital Interface from SMPTE) is still a great product but struggles to retain market share against the newcomers.

XVI Cameras can use both AHD and XVI protocol, DVR/XVR with XVI now have 3 important additional feature as below:
  • XVI Control: via the XVR menu, to control and adjust the settings of the XVI Cameras; easier and better than using UTC.
  • Enhance the image: XVI Cameras allow a good image quality to be fine-tuned to suit the environment.
  • XVI Upgrade: Not only can the IPC/DVR/NVR be upgraded to new firware when released, XVI Cameras can now also be upgraded even though they are not IP.
From the XVR menu, you can select XVI-Control, Enhanse the Image and/or Upgrade (the firmware)
XVI is also known as AXVI (Advanced XM Video Interface)


XVI, also known as AXVI (Advanced XM Video Interface) is a coaxial transmission protocol; it's the latest release developed by XM and is predicted to take serious market share.

XVI is compatibile with both AHD and TVI protocols and also has unique features which make this product stand out from all variations of competitive products.

The core feature of XVI 2.1 is Coaxial Control: One coaxial cable can transfer video and command signal simultaineously.

DVR/XVR can control a XVI camera directly, it is more convenient to debug the project in the earlier stages and maintain the project later.

No need for a control line and decoder, it can simplify the construction of the install and save on costs. We expect most XVR's will soon include the XVI protocol without having to change features like Alarm & M/Detection.
The XVR should look exactly the same as before with additional option "XVI" https://posview.com/TechTips/XVR_Main_Menu.jpg
XVI allows Coaxial-Updates to:
  • Transfer & update the date by coaxial cable
  • Update customized firmware more easily from XVR
  • If the site is old, there is no need to teardown or rework
  • XM design image enhancement and noise reduction
  • XMI Protocol is already in XM310, XM320, XM330
  • Coaxial control, Coaxial Update + Image Enhancement - live view
XVR's that include XVI give you many options to run:
  • Hikvision's Protocol (TVI)
  • Dahua's Protocol (CVI)
  • Standard CVBS (Analogue)
  • Internet Protocol (IP)
  • XM's Protocol (AHD)
A 4-channel XVR that includes XVI can typically have from 1 to 12 cameras depending on your need.
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