The aptly named GIANT 100

Reliability, speed, longevity and small footprint, all help make this product stand out as both new and spectacular.
image Experience why such a small footprint printer is called "Giant" with easy Bench or Wall-mount using standard 80mm rolls

This impressive small-footprint model comes with a generous 2-Megabyte of PGM Memory plus 8-Megabyte of Data Memory

Desk top or wall mounted, saves real-estate and delivers reliably:
image Comprehensive reliability-test shown above

  • Print Speed from 180mm/Second to 250mm/Sec (depending on density)
  • System Processing Speed 100MHz to 180MHz
  • 3 x Combo Interface: All-in-One USB + Serial + Ethernet
  • Ceramic Cutter durability from 1.5-Million to 2-Million cuts
    The new Sam4s Giant 100 comes with 'Drop & Load' printing plus the ability to include Barcodes & Graphics. If you're tired of your old "Vanilla" brand, then this could be your first choice for your business. There is no more reliable product on the market and is available in several colours to better match your business theme.

    Key features at a glance:


  • 30% smaller than most standard printers
  • Triple Interface options:
    Serial + USB + Ethernet as Standard. Optional WIFI Interface
  • High Print Speed at 220mm/Second.
  • Up to 80mm Wide Receipt.
  • Support a Variety of Barcodes Including QR Codes.
  • Wall Mount Option with Display Pivot.
  • Low Power Consumption & Paper Saving.
  • Tool Free Cabinet for Easy Assembly & Disassembly.
  • Optional Kitchen Bell Feature.
  • Stores/Prints User Defined Graphic Logos.
  • Stores & Prints Coupons or Advertising Messages.
  • Energy Star Certified Superior Efficiency Reduces Energy
    Costs and Lowers the Carbon Footprint.
    There is no serious competitor, has the best features and is the best price with smallest footprint; just what all busy environts need.
    We research and develop products and solutions for Home, SOHO and SME, for all industries from Agriculturist to Zookeeper.