Intelligent POS Base-Stand P2C J100

Introducing the world's most advanced POS-Encasing system, delivering POS to (your) Customers (P2C)
When Reliability and Efficiency is Paramount.


All-in-One Touch-POS Unit P2C

Your operator will note the positive difference a good Base-Stand can make! It maximises the benefits of advanced touch-screen POS Units.

The all-important Sales-Process is to the benefit of customers and staff changing the transaction from mere practical to highly functional.


Esthetics plays its part in keeping Customers happy

Customers expect more than just a receipt, they prefer a "shopping experience" to make them feel good; to feel rewarded by the great experience as they ready to leave your store.

The customers desire to return will be maximised if they experience cheerful staff and an eye-apealing environment, it is not fantacy but reality, that customers return to where they feel more welcomed.

Convenient Flexible Design

From stand to wall-mount or back on stand is a very simple and easy process. Standard 100mm x 100mm VESA mount or use the purpose-built wall mount option. The Customer Display can also be swapped from line-item to monitor display options

Unclip + move is easy

Unclip and easily clip back from / to wall-bracket / base without fuss.

Each side has clip-access to all ports; easily add / change peripherals.



Reliability is paramount

Industrial grade components ensure reliability and the P2C goes that extra step with attention to detail for all foreseable hazards, including Reverse Current (surge) Protection and even use sure-fire connection to eliminate accidental connection of power with incorrect voltage.

Full specifications available on request - interested parties please ask to see a working sample.



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