POS to Customer - P2C
Introducing the world's most advanced POS-Encasing system, delivering POS to (your) Customers (P2C)

PoS to Customer P2C Schematic
See the difference a well designed Base-Stand can make! Taking advanced touch-screen POS Units that extra step from mere practical to highly functional.
P2C_Coloures Black (Bk) White (Wt) and Red (Rd)

Coloured covers come in Black/Black, Black/White, Red/White, Green/White, Black/Grey or Orange/White to better match your fitout and your corporate colours.
P2C Power Connection

Power-Safety: Brilliant new design of power-supply connection, never worry about accidently connecting the wrong power-pack again, only the correct power supply can be used, eliminate high-risk of PoE-Power-Pack connection (usually 48-Volts) as well as eliminate wrong low power connection.
VESA Wall Mount option

VESA Mount: New design allows easy disconnect from Base-Stand and VESA Wall-Mountable.
VFD, Monitor, Tablet mount

Easy-Swap: Easy to swap Hard Disk Drive and easy exchange of VFD, 10" Monitor, 15" Monitor or Tablet-PC

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