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How do I adjust the volume on the S190 Gateway?
First check the manual (you can download from the PDF page) to understand how to program it.

Then, to adjust the speaker volume level:
Command: **11# [level] # [select a level from 0 to 100] (default value is 90)

Microphone gain level command: **12# [channel] # [gainlevel] #
[channel] 0 - Main Microphone - [gainlevel] int: 0 – 15 (in increments of 1.5dB)
0 0dB
1 +1.5dB
2 +3.0 dB
3 +4.5 dB(Factory Default)
4 +6.0 dB
5 +7.5 dB
6 +9.0 dB
7 +10.5 dB
8 +12.0 dB
9 +13.5 dB
10 +15.0 dB
11 +16.5 dB
12 +18.0 dB
13 +19.5 dB
14 +21.0 dB
15 +22.5 dB

Will the GSM Gateway work on all carriers (Telstra, Optus etc)?
Only if the frequency is "standard" but there appears no standard any more. Australian standard GSM frequency was (for voice) always 900MHz and the S109 works well on that frequency. However, there is another major frequency used for GSM and that is 1800MHz, used when the traffic is heavy to avoid congestion (but not directly accessible). This has now often moved to 21000 as the carriers go to the lowest cost to deploy.

The next frequency of importance in Australia was 850MHz for Next-G, but that was usually only used for data and not voice and, the S190 GSM Gateway also operates on that frequency (just in case Telstra decides to use it for Voice), meaning if voice is used over the S190 Gateway at any of the three frequencies (850, 900 or 1900MHz), then it will operate in those bands. Unfortunately nothing is for sure at time of uploading thisinformation, it is best to ask your carrier to be sure. Meanwhile, FYI we will elaborate but consider this page as "Work in progress" because frequencies adopted by different carriers has changed a lot recently and we predict they may continue to change.

Other (not used by S190) frequency:
At the time of creating this FAQ there is another frequency of 2100MHz used by '3' which is based on Hutchinson's UK system and is not the Australian standard (900MHz) and was designed for data, but also used for voice. While 2100MHz will not carry as far as a lower frequency, in populated areas this is not important because, there are usually plenty of towers in populated areas, so it is not a negative for most people. Unfortunately the S190 was not designed for the Hutchinson frequency of 2100MHz, so you will need to purchase a Gateway from '3' to use their system.

At time of creating this FAQ we have been advised that yet another frequency might be introduced by Optus (2200MHz) but we have no official confirmation on this.

As you can see, deregulation might make the industry competitive, but it can introduce inconvenient non-standard issues that may often cost us more than we save.


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