About PosView

Australian based supporting the world-wide needs of Small to Medium Businesses.
imagePosView is 100% Australian family business that was established in 1985 and first trained mechanical trades on how to adapt to electronics.

Most trades people back in 1985 were adequately educated for their trades, from Architectural Glass Technicians to Watchmakers, they all knew their trade well, but suddenly they needed to understand how electronics worked, it was "invisible" to most mechanical trades people, who were mostly skilled with manual dexterity, but there was an unavoidable need to embrace the new electronic revolution, that was rapidly replacing physical components with "black boxes", trades needed to adapt quickly at the time and the company quickly captured 17.5% of the Australian SOHO & SME market by supplying affordable business software to control their business activities.

However, while the software at the time was popular and in excess of 1,000 new users per month was supporting us, Australia is a finite market and once our target market was saturated, there was little revenue to be earned as upgrades were unnecessary, the software worked well and therefore upgrades were not a revenue option and paying for support was unheard of at the time.

It was time to move on and invest in producing our own solutions.

PosView chose to focus on the forecasting of the needs of business and produce technology to fill that need.

We have always believed that small to medium businesses should always be able to find helpful advice easily and without obligation, it is our target to keep on top of world-wide trends in business-equipment improvements.

When founded in Brisbane (Australia) over 30-years ago, in 1985, PosView saw a global need for busy enterprises to access Business Technology at affordable prices. The main purpose of PosView became obvious and that was to develop products for businesses that would deliver both reliability and affordability.

The above sounds simple enough, but with world-wide trends for factories to focus on cost-cutting and design engineers being focused on planned obsolescence; we have to not just design and deliver value against the trend, but to also allow our customers to compete with the multinationals and chain stores; that is they have to trade against what is often unjust bulk buying power and media dominance.

We research and develop products and solutions for Home, SOHO and SME, for all industries from Agriculturist to Zookeeper.