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XVR 6-in-1 Front view
New Technology - XVI - high-end image at low-end cost
Dealers please note: If clients are on CVBS, CVI, SDI, or TVI; then XVI could be an opportunity to easily help get back onto mainstream Technology   N.B. If you recently purchased a DVR or a NVR, you may be entitled to an upgrade offer. Please contact your dealer for details.

Digital Disruption is real, the easy solution is to embrace technology 

Your Camera Supplier keeps you up with technology, so now it's easy to switch between CVBS, CVI, TVI, AHD & IP.   Sadly SDI is now orphaned

Those that missed noting the trend until now, can still easily move back to mainstream technology like AHD (2 to 4Meg) or IP (Onvif 2.0+); this is like a early Christmas present.
  1080P (1920*1080) is our chosen starting point for Cameras, however our entry-level is often 2.1 (1928*1088P)

The new XVR allows easy migration from one technology to another & the 4-Channel model can control up to 16 IP-Cameras, so crossing platforms is now very affordable
New stock: Cat-6, RG-59, Power etc

Economy Brackets back in stock

For most traders, the Festive Season is peak trading time of year, if you want to look your best & ensure your checkout runs seamlessly (as it should), then please don't delay much longer, remember that in AU there is always a Christmas and it comes with a rush.

Be prepared by allocating adequate time for installation and training.

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Dealers Please Note:

Call Lisa for details on your bonus when you sell a fantastic Starter-Kit

We forewarned AHD's release in mid 2014

We predicted the technology of choice (AHD) some time back, market shows IP is very popular but AHD gazumps that by 500%. Many (including us) supply TVI & CVI (both of which are very good products), but digital disruption is real, so we think it's a good idea to be vigilent and check out XVI.

Our next prediction

We hesitate to make a 2nd major prediction as there is (in our opinion) nothing spectacular on the horizon. But, there are two very interesting developments: XVI from XM (the world's largest chipset manufacturer) & DOL WDR from SONY (no introduction needed for SONY).
"The best way to predict the future is to create it" - Abraham Lincoln


DOL WDR stands for Digital OverLap-Wide Dynamic Range, it’s the most recent Sensor-based WDR technology exclusively developed by SONY along with new CMOS image sensors supporting DOL WDR. The DOL WDR sensors can output up to three image-frames alternately on each line.
We expect to have more on DOL WDR in our next Newsletter after we conclude comprehensive image comparison from different environmental tests.

XVI from XM (with DOL-WDR)

AHD is now entrenched world-wide and works well, so to offer more control over a good image reproduction, XM have introduced yet another technology they refer to as "XVI" with "X" being all-inclusive-anything, and VI for Video Interface.
XVI is also known as AXVI (Advanced XM Video Interface)
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Questions & Answers from our contact-page


Why can't I view my cameras when outside?

100's of people ask for help weekly, a result of buying via on-line shopping, such sellers aren't renown for support.

If you can view on your phone when close to DVR, but can not view outside, you probably installed the APP using WiFi

This often means your phone needs your WiFi to connect, so when you're out of range of your WiFi, the signal is lost.   Just reinstall without WiFi.

N.B. Amazon, eBay and the like are not shops, they should be looked upon as on-line shopping-malls where you can go and shop, but when you do, it's with a particular vendor within that "mall" and you are not buying from the "Mall" - it's a bit like receiving goods from Australia Post and believing that Australia-Post is the seller - they are mearly the means of delivery.

Therefore, please don't expect Amazon & eBay etc., to give any warranty - it's usually nothing to do with them.
N.B. These Q & A's are not our obligation nor our liability, we give possible answers in good faith that we may be able to guide you in the right direction.

Answers are generic and can not be tested as the problems are not ours, so unless you understand that we are in no way responsible for any unforeseen consequences, then please don't read these Q & A's.

Why doesn't my Swan quack like my old duck did?

Recent question from our contact page:

. . . I've tried to setup the port tunneling in the same way I setup two Swann DVRs but it's not working for the XMEye. Please let me know how to set this up . .

As you would know, Swann is a brand, not a technology; it is quite popular in the chain-stores because that's their target market.

Technology has come a very long way since those old days when you had to implement port-forwarding yourself.

Today we tend to automate everything for the user, like dual-record in HD on your HDD as well as to a Cloud-Server in Low-Res via an APP that's automatically installed and configured from a QR-Code; meaning the old hands-on issues have been totally automated. XMEye is easy see old guide

To view live-streaming (low-resolution) via Cloud-Servers, there's a QR-Code in your XVR, just scann it and let the APP do it for you. Please check our old XMEye instructions (new updated instructions are coming).
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Some more recent support requests (in green):

I'm trying to register to remote view , and I'm having trouble. Help Please
This question is a bit like emailing a vehicle mechanic and saying "my car won't go" please give a bit more detail and even your location might help us to better help you.

I can't register on your App as I'm not getting the verification codes sent
This is our most common question, the answer is here: Verification Code

app on our phones and iPad will not connect - says password error!!!
Password error is usually just that, you may need to login to the server and check if someone added a password, this is easy to do if you leave it blank and most DVR, NVR and XVR come defaulted with no password so anyone can access it.

just need help with the app; need to know why I keep getting error code 10000
We are unaware of Error Code 10000 - is this a Windows-Mobile? Windows has many similar error-codes all starting with 10000, could even be your anti-virus.

As always, you can call Lisa on 0413 629 427 or email for more information; for removal please use this link to Update or Remove