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image We created this CCTC-Security-Kit to satisfy the needs of those focused on Internet Protocol (IP) solutions; world-wide news confirms that we must all continue to care about the society we live in.

Are you protected? Are you safe? What is the cost if an intruder struck in your area?

Crime is not diminishing, it's become a global concern and crime is ever-possible.

Protection by identification and proof of the crime has become both important & affordable. It has never cost so little to monitor your safety.

We noticed crime was rising with many innocent people suffering and if not for CCTV many (if not most) criminals would never have been brought to justice; sadly being "open and honest" can now mean "vunerable".

image Our CCTV-IP-Starter-Kit is similar to our CCTV-Starter-Kit but IP based, it allows afordability to deploying the proven technology Internet Protocol (IP)

Most technical people believe IP is the future, but while the future has proven too be impossible to predict accurately, many would advise the deployment of an IP system, so we set about to create this IP-CCTV Starter-Kit @ just $99

The technology deployed is 100% Internet Protocol (IP). If you are familiar with IP and can (or prepared to) understand the importance of the IP-Address then that's all you should need to deploy and maintain this particular Kit and if you give us the IP address of your network, we will preconfigure the Kit for ease-of-deployment.

Ask the IP experts and they will mostly tell you that an IP system is preferable. We have also made sure that all the cameras we offer are properly protected in a sealed metal casing (not plastic).

Building your IP-CCTV Kit is easy:

In 3 easy steps move from open & vunerable, to monitoring your life:

1). Choose the Camera:

image Camera styles & colours vary ~
typically you can choose from:

  Metal Dome Camera:
  White, Cream, Charcoal or Black


  Metal Bullet Camera:
  White, Silver, Charcoal or Black

2). Choose your NVR Style:

image Network Video Recorder's (NVR's) all have their own firmware, so the features + performance may vary slightly depending on the model, but gernerlly very similar. The case style is for cosmetic apeal only, choose what looks best to you.

We are pleased to offer this very affordable 4-Channel IP CCTV Kit, includes 1 x camera (Dome or Bullet) and can install up to 4 x 1080P IP-Cameras.

Please contact us if you have particular needs or questions.

3). Choose any Add-on/Upgrade:

image Expanding your system is easy, you can change the technology to TVI, CVI, CVBS or IP (Internet Protocol) to match existing camera-types that you may already have.

If using IP you can add PoE-Switch to power the IP-Cameras, or you can stick with AHD and add more cameras etc.

This Kit allows almost 100% flexability. i.e. changing cable type to RG59 or Cat-6

Shielded RG59 cables will allow much more stable video over longer distances, while Cat-6 will require either adding Baluns or changing the camera type to IP; either way *** You are not locked in ***

Read more about different technologies and if you are technically astute, then your choice will be either AHD or IP - you can order now here:
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